Not just an accomplished aviatrix, Amelia was also a stylish designer featured in Vogue and Cosmopolitan. Although an international celebrity, few today know about her fashion sense and the clothing line she designed that was sold in department stores across America. Her name on the label gave women the right to adopt for themselves a “sky’s the limit” attitude of confidence combined with chic femininity.

Amelia blazed new paths not just in the air but also in the hearts and minds of American women who admired her style, business sense, tact and boldness as a modern woman.

Trans-Atlantic Flight Jacket

A staple of Amelia’s flying wardrobe, this suede jacket was one of her picks for the epic, history-making 1932 solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean and is featured in many photographs on the triumphant pilot.

The Phoenix Project partnered with 180-year old company Chapal of France, makers of the world's first official flight jacket, to recreate this limited edition, heirloom piece.

Limited Edition • Limited Time


Flight Blouse & Silver Clip

Fashionable and functional, Amelia favored fabrics and designs that would accommodate the demands of her calling but still contribute to her feminine image. This alluring blouse features the pockets she loved on all her garments, and the ease that defined her style.

Crafted with pleated crêpe de chine – a soft and flattering silk fabric, the blouse and belt are complimented by the genuine sterling silver handmade clasp, creating an ensemble that is truly elegant, distinct and practical, just like the heroine herself.

Limited Edition • Limited Time

Gimbel Award Gown

Simple and elegant, Amelia's dress captures the young doyenne's personality and demonstrates her ability to rise to formal occasions with ease.

This gown with its top and matching waist sash have been painstakingly constructed to reflect the refinement and grace exhibited in this historic image.

Limited Edition • Limited Time
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